Pristine Embed has developed a unique application to read energy consumption, maximum demand, and other parameters from energy meter. The application runs on any Android with host USB and can read data from the meters equipped with either serial port or optical port. It can generate customer bills (PDF, email and/or SMS) offline as well online. The new data is saved during offline and uploaded to central servers whenever the device is online. This application is used by lineman to read consumption data from energy meters without requiring to manually note down and avoid manual errors. Can issue the customers with new electricity bills and receive payments, if desired A cable with a USB-mini on one end and a 9-pin serial port is required to read data from meters equipped with serial port. A cable with a USB-mini on one end and an optical port is required to read data from meters equipped with DLMS/optical port

Advantages & Specifications

  • No more proprietary hardware for meter reading
  • Minimize manual errors as no more manual reading
  • Automatic/manual data upload to central station
  • If the signal is NOT available at the time of reading, it can be set to upload the data whenever the smart devices is in the vicinity of cell/WIFI signal
  • Electricity bill is generated as soon as the meter is read and the bill can be sent via SMS
  • A PDF version of the bill can be stored in the central server
  • Easy data aggregation and report generation as the data is available right away
  • Supports any Android Smart phone (host based). IOS support on special request
  • Interfaces Supported: Serial, Optical and IR
  • Protocols supported: Modbus, DLMS, ABT (raw data)
  • Energy Meters supported: L & T, Secure and HPE
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