As we have expertise in multiple technology level, we handle product design involving multiple technologies both in terms of hardware and software. We have blend of hardware software engineers to address any need. Following are some of the areas we can provide excellent architecture/design services:
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Software Development for Android devices
  • Software Development for iOS devices
  • PLC programming and data collection from PLCs, energy meters etc
  • Software development Using Angular5
  • Software development for web Application
  • Software development on BI
  • Enterprise architecture
  • End to end solution involving hardware, software, data base, .net technologies
  • Software development for Android devices
  • Single point solution for data collection and reporting for any process industry
  • Database design with MSSQl, MySql,SQL Server etc
  • Embedded system Design with 8/16/32 bit processors
  • Firmware development for 8/16/32 systems
  • System development involving ARM, SH4, XScale, Coldfire, Intel processors and MCUs/PICs from Philips, Dallas, Atmega, Silabs, Microchip etc
  • Code Development for FPGA/CPLD systems
  • Experts in Windows CE, VxWorks, ThreadX, AMX, iRMX, Linux etc operating systems
  • Excellent expertise with Assembly, C/C++, Visual C++, eMbedded VC++, Lab View, Lab Windows, PL/M-86 languages
  • Experts in USB, SPI, SDIO, I2C, RS232, RS422, RS485, GP-IB/HP-IB interfaces
  • Kernel and Application drivers for Windows, Linux, AMX operating systems
  • Experts in development of CDC, HID, USB-Serial/Serial-USB class drivers
  • Experts in UPnP protocols and system developments
  • Experts with debug tools like AXD, ICE and WinCE KITL/AS, BDM debugger, JTAG, pickit-2/3, PID-ICD2/3 ete
  • Experts with IDE like Xcode
  • Android Studio
  • objective C,swift
  • java