About the Product

Brief Description

VRTEX Solutions developed a unique energy management system, called VRTEX Smart Energy Management System (vSEMS), with which energy produced/purchased can be managed efficiently and smartly. With vSEMS any type of substation/grid can be configured through drag and drop. The configuration in association with smart reporting and analytical tool can be used for efficient energy management from any substation down to individual energy meter. It provides standard reporting and data for auto-billing, load shedding, power factor management, net-metering with provision for host of custom reports

Unique Features

  • Unique way of configuring the system where everything is drag and drop
  • isualize the configuration graphically as you are configuring
  • Install the system with minimal data collection parameters and add/delete parameters later
  • Adding/deleting parameters is easy and can be on demand
  • Variable data collection frequencies at parameter level; making it possible to collect some parameters at higher rate
  • Dead band based data collection to minimize database requirements
  • Same application can be used to collect data from multiple utilities
  • No more cumbersome Configurations

Key Advantages

  • Simplified System Planning where you can add parameters to be collected as required
  • Can start with a small configuration and with few parameters and have a feel for the system; means less system cost to begin with
  • Highly Scalable system. Adding/deleting new items or parameters is a simple click & drag
  • Crisp algorithm for data collection and transportation to minimize the system bandwidth and database requirements
  • No need to change the existing meters as our system supports multiple interfaces
  • Our system can be used as a diagnostic tool to capture additional data for study/debug and turn off the collection after study/debug
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