About the Product

Brief Description

Streamline is a Pristine Embed flagship solution that streamlines the way data is collected from plant floor. It has a unique configurator for modelling any type of plant for data collection. Data can be collected from variety of devices like PLCs, Weighing Scales, Barcode Readers etc. It supports multiple interfaces like EthernetRT, RS232, RS485 and Modbus seamlessly. The front end configurator is so simple that any complex plant can be modelled simply by drag and drop. The number of data collection parameters can be added/deleted, and properties like dead-band, collection frequency, interface, tag mapping can be configured or altered at will. The configuration, deployment and data collection are integrated in such way that all operations can be controlled from a single app thereby eliminating complex deployment jargons. Simply configure or modify the existing configuration and click the ‘Deploy’. Everything is handled behind the screen and the data is available right-away in the database, provided the PLCs and sensors are adjusted to give the data. A simple activity report is available to see the collected data right away. The solution is highly flexible to implement and easy to augment in the sense that you can really start off with one unit and add more units/parameters later without incurring additional cost. The same solution can be applied to different industry verticals and horizontals

Unique Features

    Device Support:
      • PLC-Allen Bradly PLCs with Ethernet/RT
      • PLCs with Serial and Modbus
      • Barcode Reader
      • Weighing Scale
    Interface Support:
      • EthernetRT
      • Modbus
      • RS232/485
      • USB
    Data Collection Service:
      • Collects data from PLCs, Barcode Readers, Serial ports
      • Ethernet/RT based communication with PLCs
      • Drivers in .net: C# &VB for windows
      • C drivers for Linux
      • Supports multiple PLCs
      • Collects thousands of tags under 1 second
      • Array based data collection from PLCs to outsmart the individual tag collection in many ways
      • Highly efficient data collection compared to array based collection systems in the market
      • Data collection of any number of tags with just one data packet
      • Data collector adjusts itself to the new configuration automatically
      • A simple SSRS activity report is available for all the parameters collected
      • An off-the-shelf CIP is report is available for processing plant
      • A custom reports can be made on demand

Key Advantages

  • Low cost
  • Simplified System Planning where you can start off literally with one unit and add more units later without incurring additional cost
  • Can start with one unit and with few properties and have a feel for the system; means less system cost to begin with
  • Efficient data collection
  • Highly Scalable system. Adding/deleting new units is a simple click & drag
  • All the reports can be easily exported to PDF and Excel
  • Easy customization to customer requirements as the product was developed completely in-house
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